Home Workout: Foam Roller

August 5, 2018

Home Workout: Foam Roller

One mistake I’ve learned over the years is that you need that break, enjoy that long weekend, break out from your routine and give yourself that purpose to g hard at it again next week.

Training is about balance and most importantly felling good, with that said there isn’t anything better to lift your mood than exercise.

So if you need a lift from lazying about after last night or planning a day out.

Dont relax completely, lets have a bit of fun

So forget the rolling today and grab your foam roller & lets get going.


The Set up  

Grab a Foam Roller.


The Workout

Press Ups         x10

Knee Tucks      x10

Bridges             x10

Knee Tucks      x10


Planks               x1 Min


Side steps       x1 Min

Squats             x1 Min


No rest between exercise, the number of rounds is up to you.



Where & When

For those new to exercise carry out just 1 round, again you can start using this in your weekly routine.

The most difficult movement is the press up, so if these are a bit much, restrict the movement by placing your knees on the floor.

If your stuck for equipment or just don’t have the time to get out of the house, this workout is a great mix between strength and cardio.

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