Agility Square

August 3, 2018

Agility Square

Step, Jump, Land, Sprint.

This Agility Square tests it all.

With the high work, low rest ratio its also a burner on the lungs, ready to challenge the brave.

It’s a drill that the more you put into it the more you get out of it, so use the rest periods wisely controlling your breathing to get that sprint quicker, jump higher, step sharper,


The Set up

Grab 4 cones and set up a square using the 21m and 45m lines to measure the length, while pacing out 15m for the width.

On one length of the square set up 4 poles and 2 hurdles as shown, using the other length as a straight for sprinting.


The Workout

Starting on the length with the poles and hurdles, sprint out to the poles, side stepping in and out through them.

Once through continue to jump the 2 remaining hurdles,  on landing push off and sprint out to the cone.

Without stopping, turn left and walk the 15m width to the next cone.

This will be your rest period so use it wisely and get your breathing back under control.

Once at the opposite cone, turn and sprint the length until your at the cone.

Again turn right and walk back to the start again using the rest period wisely.

That is one round.

Carry out 6 rounds in total too complete a set, using only the rest periods given.

Complete 3 sets total, taking 2 minutes rest between sets.



When & Where

I love to use this agility drill in the height of summer.

It has everything, sprint work, agility work, high work to rest ratio.

Session wise I would add it into the middle of one of my Pitch sessions, building around it.

Its a nice mix with the agility work, keeping it interesting rather than your bog standard sprints.

The last couple of rounds can be a struggle, so grit the teeth and focus on pushing for that high jump.


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