Home Workout: Towel

July 29, 2018

Home Workout: Towel


This is the first instalment of our Home workout series.

Going away from our usual performance related content, we’ve put together workouts based on your needs.

Through your direct messages and subscriber feedback we’ve mixed it up, giving you workouts to get the sweat pumping & heart rate jumping all from the ease of your front room.

Equipment isn’t a problem either.

All workouts are either based on body weight or use accesories that can be found in every household.

So grab a Towel and get started with this weeks first instalment.


The Set up  

Grab a 5 metre of space and a Towel.


The Workout

Slideboard Push-up         x10 (each side)

Reverse Lunge                  x20 (10 each side)

Ab Roll Outs                      x10

Reverse Lunge                 x20 (10 each side)

Knee Tucks                       x10


The lunges sit in-between the more complex moves, to keep up the heart rate.

Move in-between exercises as quick as possible without rest, the rep range is easy to remember(10/20/10/20/10)

Focus on form and doing the exercises slow on each exercises other than the lunges.


Where & When

For those new to exercise carry out just 1 round, starting to do this workout 3 times a week.

Those at intermediate level, complete 3 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds.

Those of the advanced, carry out three rounds without any rest.

As usual, any questions just @

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