Hips & Hamstrings

July 25, 2018

Hips & Hamstrings

A lot of focus in the off season is on firing up the glutes in the gym.

Now with the pitch the main playground, the focus has changed.

With more hip flexion needed for those sprints, stop the imbalance and target the Hips & Hamstrings.

Often weak Hip flexors get mistaken for being tight, likewise with the constant kicking and jumping the quads become the dominant and the hamstrings playing second fiddle.

Ensure you stay on top of both key areas, strengthening and maintaining, with this easy to follow protocol:


The set up

Grab a small band a place on the feet as shown.

Be mindful of the band strength/thickness as these are advanced movements, starting as light as possible to perfect form before advancing.


The Workout

Carry out the 2 different moves twice, taking a short break in-between each movement.

Box Marches           x12

Lying Marches       x12

Box Marches          x12

Lying Marches      x12


When & Where

I like to add these marches into my pre-activation and maintenance protocols when my running load increases ie. in the on season.

With the mix of holds, it forces each leg to mobilise while the other stabilises.

Just be careful on the lying marches, the holds really focus in on the hamstring, make sure you are fully warmed up before starting.


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