Golden Gates

July 6, 2018

Golden Gates

With the Business end of the Season in full flight, its time to start sharpening.

With my base fitness built over the winter & spring months my training would slowly start leaning towards speed, power & agility at this time of year.

This is the first on pitch drill that I would implement into my programme, it has all the bases covered.

Quick feet, angled runs and long enough yardage to still test the legs and lungs.


The Set up

Grab a ladder, three cones (different colours), six poles.

Place the ladder approx. 2 steps off the end line facing out towards the opposite end of the pitch.

Place 3 cones on the 14m line as shown.

Then place 3 gates approx. 15m away from the three cones.

You are going to set up 3 channels, one in line with the ladder and two left and right approx. 5m off centre.


The Workout

Starting at the end line, run through the ladder, touching one foot on each run.

Once through the ladder, pick a cone and sprint past it, ending your run through the gate.

Once through the gate, slowly walk back to the start and go again.

Your first run should be as fast as your last, so take enough recovery ensuring this happens.

Carry out 6 runs in a set, completing 3 sets total.

Rest approx 1 minute between sets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Keep it an active rest, ie getting a few shots off, passing to a partner or mobility work)

For added reaction training, do this drill with a mate, getting them to call the cone colour you should be running past once you have finished the ladder section.

This will then force you to react and change your running angle to get past the cone and through the gate as quick as possible.


Where & When

For years, every summer I always found myself going off by my own and working on quickening my feet, sharpening my lines of running, from which this drill has evolved from.

I would always imitate the running patterns that id do in a game, putting everything into the sprints visualising that it was the first ball coming in, that first 1v1, the first test.

The ladder got added in, too combine quick feet with the sprinting patterns, then the change in cone colour would progress my reaction work.

Its a great starter for bridging the gap between what you have been doing in the winter/spring months, to match whats needed in the heights of summer.

Session wise I would usually combine this with on field sprint and power work, using this as the main drill and building around it.

Lately Ive also added this drill into my team warm ups, adding in an additional 2 no. ladders so a whole team can complete at once.

We will progress this drill further, showing you how to introduce a ball, kicking, team mates.

So keep an eye out in the next coming posts!!

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