Aidans Ab’s: Plate

July 24, 2018

Aidans Ab’s: Plate

This week we’re hitting the core from all angles.

Adding in a bit of endurance work in the last two exercises to test the mind and body.

You can grab a plate from anywhere so theres no excuse!!


The set up

Grab a plate and a mat.


The Workout

Carry out the 4 different moves as below:

1.Plate Twists                                x10 (each side)

2. Plate Crunches                         x 10

3. Plate Holds                               x 1 (hold as long as possible)

4. Plate Slides                               x 1 Minute (as many lengths as possible)


Complete 4 rounds total with a minute rest between each round.

For the intermediate/advanced complete 5 rounds, with the last 2 round completed unbroken (ie no rest)


When & Where

I like to add this workout as a finisher on any training day really. The hold and plate slides are a struggle to get through.

Just be careful on the type of floor finish you use to slide on, get a floor with a bit of friction to challenge the push.


As always any questions just @.

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