July 3, 2018


Aidans Abs: Battle Ropes

This week we’re testing the trunk and the Engine. Hitting the full body with little rest you’ll be blasting the fat and burning the Lungs  through the use of Battle ropes.

Battle ropes are now present in every gym, so grab and set and give this weeks Aidans Abs a blast.


The set up

Grab a set of Battle ropes and tie one end around something stationary.

The Workout

Carry out the 8 different moves as below with:

20 seconds on / 10 seconds rest.

1.Alternating Waves                                x20 seconds

2. Double Slams                                        x 20 seconds

3/4. Kneeling alternating                        x 20 seconds (both sides)

5/6.Kneeling doubles                                x20 seconds (both sides)

7/8.Lunge Slams                                         x20 seconds (both sides)


Complete 3 rounds total with a minute rest between each round.

For the intermediate/advanced complete 5 rounds.


When & Where

I like to add this workout as a finisher on one of my strength days. I like that its works the core but also gets the heart rate up and pushes the lungs, The Last few rounds are a struggle so give it everything!!


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