May 7, 2018


The Aidans abs series, is our weekly edition for everything core, trunk & ab related.

Released every Tuesday, workouts, exercises, rep ranges we will be progressed.

Our aim is simple – to get your strength up, definition showing, and six pack summer ready using Aidan’s favourite ab workouts.

We will ease you in slowly, with equipment minimal and rep ranges easy to follow.

So here’s your first instalment:


The set up

Find a raised bar you can hang from, where your feet don’t touch the floor.

Grab a fully inflated swill ball.


The Workout

Hanging Bicycles               30 second raises (x 2)

Knee tucks                          x 10

Feet to hands                    x 10

Crunches                             x 10

Elbow circles                      x 10 (each side)

Plank Holds                         x 30 seconds (x2)


Perform each exercise as stated, moving into each exercise without any rest.

Complete 3 rounds, with a minute rest inbetween rounds.


When & Where

I usually throw this into the end of my workouts as a finisher.

For those struggling to get through each round add in a little 30 second rest between the feet to hands and crunches.

If you think you can do more, no harm adding in another round.

Any questions/queries just @ us.

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