May 15, 2018


Following on from last weeks Aidans abs: Swiss ball we’ve brought you another ab blaster.

Hitting it from all angles, work through all range of panes using just a stretch band.


The set up

Grab a band (low resistance for beginners) and find a stationary frame to tie it too.

(Preferably a squat rack set up like shown.)


The Workout

Deadbugs                            x20

Wood chops (Left)          x 10

Wood Chops (Right)       x 10

Plank pulls                           x 10 (each side)

Pallet Press                         x 10 (facing each side)



This week you are going to perform 5 rounds, with rest time capped at a minute and only taken between rounds.


When & Where

I usually add this into the middle of a session, with this type of workout used as accessory work between a strength and finishing circuit phases.

With hit hitting so many range of panes I find it ideal for balancing my core, strengthening it in areas that are often missed.

As usual any questions just @.

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