April 19, 2018



Stretching all to often gets mistaken and added into pre-exercise routines.

Weather its before a game, training or gym session i never stretch before.

Leaving all stretching as a recovery protocol, stretching post exercise.


The hold time per stretch I find to be a personal thing, as theres not one timeframe suitable to everyone.

Personally I like to break my stretch times up into 7 seconds, this gives me more focus and concentration on each stretch , making a boring task more bearable.


The Set up

Grab a clear and level space.


The Workout

Groin                 7 x 7 seconds (each leg)

Quads                 7 x 7 seconds  (each leg)

Hip Flexor         7 x 7 seconds (each leg)

Calfs                    7 x 7 seconds (each leg)

Glutes                 7 x 7 seconds (each leg)

Hamstrings       7 x 7 seconds (each leg)


Work through each exercise, holding a stretch for 7 seconds, 7 times on each leg.

After each 7 second stretch return back to the neutral position for 1 second then go

back into the next 7 stretch.

Repeat this throughout.


Where & When

As I’ve touched on, all my stretching is carried out after exercise, never before.

For pre-exercise routines follow our band work and dynamics series.


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