April 19, 2018


Everyone seems to have the same old, boring, rep ranges.

3 sets of 10, 4 sets of 8 or even mixing it up and adding in the German Volume training rep scheme every now and again.

Too change that we’re introducing you to Pyramids.

We love pyramids, not only are they simple and effective but the principle can be applied to any exercise or piece of equipment.

Pyramids are not only a massive challenge physically, but they’ll push you mentally, with the last few reps making or breaking you.

So don’t take the easy way out, front up with our Pyramid: Intro


The Set up

Find a 5 metre space, located in front of a bar that you will complete your chin ups on.


The Workout 

1 Press up      into      1 Chin up

2 Press ups   into       2 Chin ups

3 Press ups     into      3 Chin ups

4 Press ups    into       4 Chin ups


Starting with 1 press up, move directly into 1 Chin up.

Then taking no rest move straight into 2 press ups back into 2 chin ups.

Carry out working this way until you reach the 4 Chin ups.

This is the end of the Pyramid and a time to take a well deserved 1 minute rest.

Carry out 3 Pyramids total, taking 1 minute rest between each.


Where & When

This is only a taster of whats to come, but an ideal introduction into the world of pyramids.

For beginners, make the exercises easier by using a band to assist the chin ups and even carry out the press ups kneeling.

I love pyramids and use this specific routine, mixing it with my lower body strength work.


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