April 19, 2018



What ever the session, what ever the location, I get my pre-activation work in.

Wherever, whenever the bands come with me.

Usually working through the whole body for at least two minutes of pre-activation.

I make sure all areas are switched on and ready to perform any exercises.

Get your glutes firing with this advanced protocol.


The Set up

Find 5 metres of clear, level space.

Place a band (medium strength) 2 inches above the knee, with another band (high strength)

placed three inches above the ankle.


The Workout

Crab walks      x10 (each side)

Front walks     x10 (each leg)

Clamshells       x10 (each side)

Bridges            x10

Carry out 2 rounds, without rest.


Where & When

With the glutes getting hit through multiple panes, I find this routine ideal as it covers all basis.

I incorporate this within all my lower body pre-activation work, with it always falling into all my warm up routine:


Bike/Run > Foam roll >

Band work > dynamics


As usual, any questions on the above just @

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