April 19, 2018



Recovery is an integral part of any training plan, however in many cases recovery often gets over looked.

So jump in and get your active recovery in with this practical Recovery: Pool Session


The Set up

Find a pool and a quite lane if possible.


The Workout

At a light pace swim for 4 lengths, resting for 30 seconds afterwards.

You will complete the following stretch routine, swimming two lengths of the pool at a light pace in-between

each stretch. (Making sure all stretching is carried out at the shallow end)


Hold the following stretches after you have swam 2 lengths:

               Hamstring Stretch

               Quad Stretch

              Groin Stretch

              Glute Stretch

              Calf Stretch

All stretching follows our basic routine of 7 x 7 second holds (each leg).

Repeat the above for 2 rounds, taking a 2 minute rest between rounds.



Where & When

I carry out at least one pool recovery session a week, with this getting upped to two times a week if the amount of

game time is high. I enjoy the pool sessions as it helps me get hrough my stretching making a boring task that more bearable.


As usual any question, just @ us.


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