April 19, 2018



Building back your fitness isn’t all weights, treadmills and sit ups.

The corner stones of your fitness will be your V02 max combined with your ability to go for longer.

With this base often getting over looked, get out and start the building process today.

As its title, this is an introductory workout, so anyone at any level can get involved.


The Set up

On the left and right sideline, place both cones 5 meters from the end line, at one end of the pitch.

Place the third cone at the opposite end line, in the bottom left hand corner.

This will create one large triangle.

Grab your phone or stopwatch, because you will need to time your runs.


The Workout

As shown in the video, your first run will be the width of the pitch.

Then run the length towards the bottom corner, turning and running back to the start diagonally across this pitch.

You will do this again continuously completing two laps.

After you have completed two laps, you will rest. Your rest will be a 1:1 ratio.

Meaning your total rest time will be the same time as it took you too run two laps.

So if your 2 laps take you 3 minutes, your rest time will be 3 minutes.

Complete 5 rounds total.

This is an intro workout and a the start of you building your base, so your effort level should

be around 50 – 60%. Basically just off of a jog, leaning more towards a stride.

Aim to keep all sets at the same pace.


Where & When

I love adding these base builders to the start of any new training block.

I’ll also throw these in randomly into one of my in season programmes just to refresh the body and make

sure my base fitness is in check.

I would usually complete the 2 laps in 2:40, keeping this time constant throughout the 5 rounds.



Any questions on the above, just @ us.

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