April 19, 2018



“Lets be the best at everything that requires no talent” – Paul O’Connell.

This ankle opener protocol, is probably the most basic video we will ever put out there.

That doesn’t take away the importance of it.

Often the most basic movements, protocols and training techniques get overlooked.

With its simplicity theres no excuses not to incorporate this ankle opener into your every day routine.


The Set up

Grab a stick/Broom handle or even Hurley.

Place the bottom of the stick next to your big toe, lunging forward place the inside of your

knee just past the stick at hip height – this is your starting position.


The Workout

Ankle Isolator     2 x 1 min

(each leg)


Holding the stick in position, lunge the knee to the inside and outside of the stick constantly for 1 minute.

Take a 20 second rest between rounds, completing 2 rounds on each leg.


Where & When

I learnt the above ankle mobility exercise in one of the first modules on my strength an conditioning course at Setanta College.

To this day I incorporate into my daily routine, with it a “go to” the following day after any heavy running or lower body work.

The hurlers amongst us have no excuse, with all the required equipment carried to every session.


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