April 19, 2018



The TRX is to functional training, what the Barbell is to bodybuilding.

With its simpilicity and encouragement of full body movement patterns, we incorporate the TRX into most of our sessions, mimicking movements that will be carried out on the pitch.

Hit your full body with this Advanced trx workout:


The Set up

Tie a TRX to a stationary frame (Squat rack frame preferable) and adjust heights accordingly to each exercise.

The first exercise will required the handles to be at least 1 foot off the floor.


The Workout  

Plank to push up          x10

Single Arm row             x10 (each side)

Jump Lunges                 x20

Plank to push up           x10


This workout is carried out on a round basis, with rest periods only taken following the 5th exercise (Plank to push up).

Carry out 4 rounds total, with a 1 minute rest period, taken between rounds.

This is an advanced workout, so anyone new to TRX work, make sure you are comfortable with our TRX Intro workouts before advancing onto this one.


Where & When

I like to build a workout around this circuit, using this as my total body phase.

It hits all angles pushing the trunk through various movement planes, with the constant transfer from upper to lower body it also gets the lungs going, with the last round a real tester.


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