April 19, 2018



Stretching is probably the dullest and hardest session to look forward too.

But the same effort an focus should be put into a stretching session as any pitch or gym session.

I have tried many stretching routines throughout my career and the one routine that has given

me the best results is the 7’s workout.

With the short holds, greater focus can be put into each stretch pushing it as far as possible each time.

Breaking it down to the 7 phases, breaks the boredom and gives your a routine you will follow.


The Set up  

Grab a 5 metre of space and a rope with a loop at the end to fit your foot through.

A stretch band can be used, if need be but isn’t ideal due to the flex.


The Workout

Hamstrings         7 x 7 seconds (each side)

Abductors           7 x 7 seconds (each side)

Glutes                  7 x 7 seconds (each side)

Quads                 7 x 7 seconds (each side)

Lower Back       7 x 7 seconds (each side)

Work through the above routine, holding each stretch for 7 seconds, 7 times.

After each 7 seconds stretch drop the leg down into its neutral position (as shown)


Where & When 

Stretching should always be carried out at the end of a session, never at the beginning.

I carry out the 7’s routine as its own session at least 3 times a week.

The big focus on this routine, is getting as much out of each stretch, so control your breathing and push that stretch through at each 7 second hold.


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