April 26, 2018



Everyone mixes up their training to test the body, your nutrition should be no different.

So put down that protein shake, and hit your body from a different angle.

Flush toxins from your body with this simple 6 part smoothie.

  • Pear (Whole)
  • Banana (Whole)
  • Apple (Whole)
  • Pineapple (Cup of)
  • Spinnach (Handful)
  • Water (Half pint)

Adjust the water content to suit your taste, ie more water = a thinner smoothie


Where & When

I would usually have a Toxin Tester once every 3 days.

I would jump between this smoothie and our other Cleanser smoothie, they would both be my go too, keeping on top of my vitamin and mineral intakes also.


As usual any questions, just @


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