April 26, 2018



It’s the long day at work, the no time between lectures, the just back from training or the “I just can’t be bothered” thoughts that pop up, when your faced with cooking your own dinner.

Rather than start the raid of the snack cupboard or scrolling the phone for the take away number.

Throw this Super saver together in minutes.



The Set up

Grab one Spud, and throw it in the microwave for two minutes.

Cut open and load up with the following fillings of your choice (One from each option):

Option 1                       Option 2

Turkey                          Kale

Chicken                        Spinach

Tuna                             Lettuce


Where & When

The super spud is a saviour for me for the night I’m rushing back from training and don’t have any dinner prepared.Its quick and simple and contents ticks all the boxes.

But be mindful this is a last resort, so don’t be getting lazy and adding this into your daily routine.


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