April 26, 2018



My diet throughout the week is pretty solid. I usually have all my weeks food prepped the Sunday before, including for any snacks that I might need.

Weekends, when I’m out of the routine of work, my sweet tooth seems to all of a sudden ups the anti.

The temptation to grab a bar of chocolate is all to easy, especially when in and around the house.

A couple of months ago I stumbled across this simple recipe thats easy to throw together and actually tastes

quite good, keeping those sweet cravings at bay.


The Set up

Grab a small cup and throw the following into:

Honey                    (teaspoon)
Peanut Butter       (teaspoon)
Flax                          (teaspoon)
Chia                          (teaspoon)
Mixed Berries       (Handful)
Greek Yoghurt      (Small tub)


Where & When

The temptation is all too much when throwing this together, so I usually eat straight away.

It isn’t a bad idea either too make a couple of pots up together and leave in the fridge to grab as and when, as they’re a better alternative to chocolate/sweets.


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