April 26, 2018



About 1 -2 hours out from any training session I always get a snack in, too up the muscle stores and hydrate.

I keep it simple, with a box made up so if Im at work or training I don’t get caught short.

If its a cardio orientated session, Ill up the fruit content to the below to suit:

See below my normal Snack Stack:

  • Banana (Whole)
  • Orange x 2 (Whole)
  • Kiwis x 2 (Whole)
  • High Protein Yogurt (Normal size Tub)


Where & When

Ideally if I can, I like to get whole foods in before any training session, with smoothies used as a back up plan.

Whole foods are better with the full nutrients left as they are before being blended down.

Its a bit tricker and not as convenient than smoothies, but the whole food snack stack is easily managed with a bit

of organisation, usually thrown together the night before.


As normal, any questions just @

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