April 26, 2018



Weekends or weekdays, whatever, whenever, I always try to leave enough time to get a good breakfast in.

But with the best planning there’s always that day you hit snooze.

So when the rush is on, to get out the door I always have a back up plan.

Thrown together in minutes, the Shake & Bake is ideal for that morning rush.


The Set up

Grab a shake/container and fill it half way with porridge oats.

Add a cup of milk and two scoops of protein (preferably vanilla).

Shake well until fully mixed.

Throw into a bowl, and heat in the microwave for 2 mins.

While heating get a handful of blueberries and flax seed and throw on top when done.

2 minutes its ready to eat!!


Where & When

Most of my mornings begin with porridge mixed with fruit and seeds, changing the mix each day for flavour.

There is the odd day when I do get caught short and the rush is on to get out.

I prefer to cook my porridge on the stove rather than microwave, but on the rare occasion I have to, I use the Shake & Bake method.

Don’t be getting lazy and using this everyday, it only ever should be used as a back up plan..


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