April 26, 2018



Before any weight session my routine stays the same, I usually train in the evening so I’m concise of my caffeine intake, as its not far off bedtime.

My fluids and food are good throughout the day, so evening workouts I’m ready for.

However there are days, for whatever reason I have to get through a session first thing in the morning.

This is where things change, the eyes are heavy and at this time in the morning, you can start to listern more to the excuses not to get it done.

This is when I need a kick.

My go too is the pre-work out caffeine kick.

Incorporate this into your pre-workout ritual for that added boost:


The Set up

Grab a half cup of boiling water and add the following:


Coffee granules 1 tea spoon
Coconut Butter 1 tea spoon


Mix together and drink when water temperature allows.


Where & When

I would always watch my caffeine content, especially when training late as the high caffeine content in this drink can affect your sleep.

I would not use this daily, but use it more of a back up plan when tiredness is hitting.


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