April 26, 2018



Nutrition can get over complicated, from what I’ve encountered from my playing days combined with my further studies, Im a firm believer that a consistent and simple nutritional structure beats any quick fix or any fad diet.

To get a better understanding of the content we put out on nutrition and also to give you an insight into our philosophy, please see below our basic rules we abide by:


Organised – To excel in your nutrition you have to get organised, you need to plan and structure most days, so daily intakes are prepared ahead of time. Snacks can be organised and back up plans allowed for, meaning the risk of finding that excuse or straying off track isn’t there. One of my strengths is the organisation I bring to my nutrition with days fixed purely to prepare food for the coming days.


Measured – I never have and never will measure my food or liquids by grams, millilitres or any other metric system. I personally believe that its hard enough finding the time to get the work life balance right as it is, without wasting time doing something that unless you are at an elite level, is not required.

Instead all food is measured by basic and quick methods, utilising both yourself and the basics found in any kitchen. Basics such as cups or teaspoons, referencing the item itself  ie. whole, half, quarter or using our hands as a tool to measure against i.e palm, hand, fist.


Timed – we work off the structure of 3 main meals should be eaten throughout the day, adding 3 snack times on top of this. This gets adjusted depending on training/work patterns, load and demands, but for beginners its a good starting point and sets a structure in place to work off of.

Snacks will get altered depending on the target for that week something we will walk and talk you through in the coming weeks/months.


Like our training content, all nutritional content will start off introductory, with the ingredients, concepts and methods of preparing all basic. The research has been done and the experiences incurred, however with the aim to keep all posts short and too the point we cut out the full run down of why/how/when, instead we keep all content clear, precise and too the point, highlighting the important areas only, allowing for a quick informal post.

Keep an eye out for our first nutrition instalment, coming soon.


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