April 26, 2018



The craze of the constant early morning sessions seems to have died out.

Early weekend sessions and the odd training session thrown in before work are now the norm, with most sessions scheduled for the evening (something I prefer).

There is however nothing worse than trying to get through that morning session running on empty.

With football, whatever training time we were given, Id always make sure Id get a meal in, but also be conscious that I wouldn’t be entering a session bloated.

To balance this you have to get organised.

To get a light snack in before, Id always allow an hour to eat and get it digested before any training.

That would mean getting to bed that bit earlier, always allowing for 9 hours sleep.

My morning routine would always be the same before any session, with the meal quick and basic.


a 6:30am session would mean a 5:20am wake up.


5:30am Id throw a bowl of porridge together, topped with a handful of blueberries and a handful of flaxseed.


Whilst preparing the porridge bowl, Id keep sipping at a pint of water, getting this into the body before eating.

Then it would be out the door to train.


Where & When

I see a lot of people now starting to train before work.

People have their different opinions and even training in a fasted state in the morning.

Me personally, I always like to have something in the system to get me firing before any session.

Always allowing for this hour beforehand at the very least, so set your alarm and get to bed that bit earlier.


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