April 26, 2018



Whatever time a game or training is on, the night before is always the same, usually spent carb loading for the day ahead (something we’ll touch on later)

Getting my white breads, my pasta in and cutting down on my meats in my last meal.

The morning of a Midday game I make sure the latest I get up is 8:00am.


Allowing for my first meal at 8:30am.

That first meal I don’t change anything from my normal day.

If I’m at home or even at the team hotel my breakfast is porridge.

A cup of porridge, handful of berries, handful of flaxseed and two slices of brown bread is my go to.

Water I would take on straight away, sipping on approx. one pint of water upon waking.

Following that Id keep a bottle close, just sipping throughout leading up to the warm up, using my urine as an indicator of how hydrated I am.

Clear = Good to go!!


10:30 – 11:00am I would usually grab a granola bar. Just to keep me ticking over, keeping the hunger off until after the game.

I prefer the feeling going into a game with a slight hunger/light stomach rather than the blotted heavy feeling.


Up until kick off that would be the last bit of food I would consume, keeping away from the usual jaffa cakes, jelly sweets.


Fluids again, I would just keep to water leading right up until the warm up.



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