April 26, 2018



Every coach, nutritionist, player always bangs on about water.

To be honest it’s boring.

People have tried everything to mix it up a bit. I know a lot of people Infuse (adding pieces of fruit) but I just don’t enjoy that either.

Likewise I just can’t stomach cold water.

The only way I can get my 1-2 litres in a day is too drink it room temperature.

Hitting my water intake isn’t a problem when training.

It’s the other hours of the day I struggle with. So I make it a habit to force myself to always carry a litre around with me either leaving a bottle in the car, or making sure it’s with me at work.

Other than trying to make it a habit, the only other area to improve is to make sure your hitting the below targets.


The Main targets your should aim for with water is:

  • 1-2 Litres a day.
  • 400-600 mls – replacing back into the body, per 1 hour of exercise.


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