April 26, 2018


Like most I enjoy my food, whoever the nutritionist or whatever the plan I could stick too it.

Protein, carbohydrates or fats were never a problem. Fruit however was a different story.

Whatever it was with fruit I struggled.

To beat this deficiency I had to get organised. Rather than force myself to eat it, I made it a habit.

Every Sunday I would buy a week’s worth. With Sunday night spent splitting the bulk buy into pots.

These pots would be split down into daily intakes, with them left next to the front door keys so Id grab them on the way out.

Before I knew it, fruit was becoming my snack of choice and my way of getting natural sugar instead of having something sweet.


The Set up

Grab a plastic container and fill it with the below:

My normal Fruit Pot mix would be:

  • Apple (Whole)
  • Grapes (Handful)
  • Banana (Whole)


Where & When

The Fruit pots can be mixed and match as your tastes desire.

The main point here is too get into the routine of having a fruit pot with you throughout the day, as fruit is an area (like myself) people struggle with.


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