April 26, 2018



I have a sweet tooth, but rather than reaching for chocolate , I get my sugar fix through fruit.

Eating fruit alone for me is bland, so throwing it into a smoothie is ideal for me as it hits my taste buds and helps when I’m short on time.

The added protein in this smoothie also helps supplement my protein intake for the day.

Throw this simple 5 part smoothie together for that Fruit & Nut taste


The Set up

Grab a smoothie/blender container and throw the following into it:

Strawberries Cup
Banana Whole
Peanut Butter Tea Spoon
Whey Protein Scoop
Almond Milk Half Pint


Blend until smooth adjusting the amount of Almond milk to your tasting ie. more for a thinner smoothie, less for thicker.


Where & When

Id usually throw this smoothie together on the weekend, sitting at home with the feet up. Theres not much in terms of different ingredients, so Id always have the fridge/cupboard stocked up with the necessary fruit and almond milk.


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