April 26, 2018


Playing any team sport, when fighting for a position every training session is vital.

That one slip up can be costly, worse yet missing a session can put you straight down the pecking order.

I tried not too give an inch in training, making sure my name was always on that team sheet. Giving no advantage away, I covered every angle with my health and wellness being priority.

So the nearest sign of a cold or flu, I jumped on it straight away, fighting it the natural way.

Throw this 5 part Flu fighter together in minutes:


The Set up

Grab a smoothie/blender container and throw the following into:

  • Carrot (Half)
  • Apple (Whole)
  • Beetroot ( Handful)
  • Ginger (4 Slices)
  • Water (Half a pint)


Adjust the water content to your desire i.e more water = thinner smoothie.

I would keep the water content to the minimum half pint, as this smoothie works best when the ingredients are rich and strong.


Where & When

In the winter months when the risk of colds and flu are strong, I always use this daily to guard off any risk.

Especially with football, the competition is vast and missing a days training just wasn’t a possibility.


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