April 26, 2018



The evening throw ins can be a drag, with your day a waiting game.

Getting your food and drink right leading up to match time is crucial.

The day can drag and the temptation to take on that extra bit of food is always there, likewise getting your timings wrong can leave you bloated or feeling heavy.

My food routine leading up to throw in doesn’t change much, with only an extra meal added in to my usual match day routine.

If it is a late throw in, I will get up that bit later, to shorten both the boredom of the day and the help structure the timings of my meals.

For an evening throw in I would usually not get up until 10:00am, with breakfast planned for 10:30am.


  • 10:30am – Breakfast would be a cup of porridge oats, handful of blueberries, handful of flaxseed and two slices of brown bread.


  • 13:00am – My next main meal with be a Fist size chicken breast, with a hand size side of paste and a hand size side of mixed vegetables. As this is my last main meal before throw in, the carbs are heavy as this is the energy that will be available come match time.


  • 16:00pm – About 1-2 hrs out from throw in I usually consume a Chicken sandwich (2 slices of wholemeal bread) a yogurt and a side of fruit (usually a banana). These sandwiches apart from a bar before entering the dressing room, would be the last snack. These sandwiches are to keep the hunger off and to top up muscle stores. I wouldn’t have as much fruit as I would before a training session as I like to go into a game with a small bit of hunger i.e feeling light.


  • 18:30 – 19:00pm – If I’m still peckish and feel the need for a top up I would usually reach for an Energy or Granola Bar, again this is only a top up, so varies if I have it or not depending on how I feel that day.


Throughout the day I will keep a litre bottle next to me, continuously sipping, while using my urine as an indicator for my hydration. I will continue to sip water right up until running out of the dressing room.


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