April 26, 2018


I’m a big fan of smoothies, there quick and easy and can be made to taste great.

If there not helping me to hit my daily fruit and veg intake, there just handy, as they can be taken everywhere.

So hit your daily intakes, with my go too smoothie – Cleanser:

The Set up

Grab a blender/smoothie maker and throw in the below:

  • Water (Half Pint)
  • Kale (Handful)
  • Cucumber (Half)
  • Celery (Handful)
  • Avocado (Half)
  • Spinnach (Handful)
  • Apple (Half)
  • Lime (Dash)
  • Blueberries (Handful)
  • Flax Seed (Handful)

Experiment with the amount of water you put in, adding more water for a thinner drink, less for thicker.


Where & When

I like to get a Cleanser in every other day.

Again it helps me stay on top of the fruit and veg levels needed, but it is also full of the right vitamins and nutrients to give my immune system a boost.

It contains a high level of ingredients, so i would usually have on its own and work my daily macros around it.

Likewise I would consume well before any training, usually taking it during the day.


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